Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Doulas

Becka Brittain B.Ed., Birth Doula

I am a kiwi who has decided to make Vancouver my home for right now, with my Canadian husband Richard and our cat Grayling. I have tried my hand at many things, going to art school, working at an outdoor education center, traveling through Cambodia and working as a teacher both in New Zealand and London, U.K.
Along the way, I have noticed that well-being of women and children has always been a passion of mine, and I feel that the privilege of being invited to share in the birth of a family is an exciting one. I believe that birth is natural, powerful and beautiful - and that all women deserve to be empowered and supported throughout their pregnancy, labour and continuing journey as a mother. After many discussions with a close midwife friend, I decided to pursue my doula training. I read everything I could get my hands on, and became convinced of the important role a doula plays during birth. I attended a DONA training workshop in August 2008, where I learnt a ton, connected with other women, cried, felt empowered and even more sure that knowledge and informed choice is vital in birth. My role as a doula is to support you in your choices, in helping you to birth the way you desire to do so - providing knowledge, advice and resources along the way. Bringing gentleness, knowledge, compassion and a sense of humour, I hope to enable you to realise a wonderful birth experience.
When I am not doula-ing, I am working on finishing knitting projects, selling my crafting wares, taking photos, eating Green & Blacks chocolate, getting to know and advocate for those in my community and tending to my container veggie garden. You can join me in that, here at my blog.

Lisa Fielding, Birth Doula

Like many a woman before me it was only after I experienced birth for the first time myself that I realised what an incredible impact the experience has on a mother, her baby and her family. The day you give birth is one you’ll never forget, ask around, is there anyone out there who can’t tell you in brilliant detail about the day their child arrived in the world? A birth stays with all parents and it affects all parents.
My aim as a birth doula is to help you and your partner remember the birth with love and passion whether that’s a caesarean birth, birth with an epidural, a natural birth in hospital, a homebirth or whatever other circumstances turn out to be right for you. I will support and do my very best to help you have any birth you plan for, but I also try to help you both have an approach and an attitude that can deal with anything unexpected, so that wherever, and however, your baby arrives it comes with joy and celebration.
I have a background in social anthropology, and as well as being a Mom to two incredible little girls I work as researcher at BC Women’s hospital looking at women’s health and addictions. We are a very outdoor family and moved to BC from the UK to enjoy all that nature has to offer here. My encounters with women, their partners, and their births never cease to amaze me. Every birth is totally unique and each and every birth I attend is an extraordinary and inspiring privilege.

Melina Auerbach MPH, Post Partum Doula

I have a passion for helping women make as smooth a transition as possible to becoming mothers. I am especially interested in supporting women and their babies to have a successful breastfeeding experience. I have trained as a breastfeeding counselor in Holland as well as in Canada (the Douglas College breast feeding counselor course for health care professionals). I have taken the post partum doula training at Douglas College and am in the process of becoming a DONA certified post partum doula. I also have a Master’s in Public Health and have worked in a variety of community development and health education positions.
I can offer women warm and supportive listening and emotional support, practical skills and advice around caring for your newborn and as well as practical assistance with having a successful breastfeeding experience. The first weeks/months after a baby is born are a very special time for a family and I would be honoured to work with families to make this transition as smooth and as enjoyable as possible.
Both of my children (5 and 2 ½) were born in Holland where it is customary for all mothers to get in home support for the first week following birth. With my first child we didn’t get the support that we needed. As new parents we were so vulnerable to all of the different advice that we were getting and had very little confidence in making decisions for our baby. A knowledgeable and supportive doula could have made a big difference in this initial period.. With my second child we had a doula who really made the week after my daughter was born ideal. We were able to relax under her care. Her support made our transition from a family of 3 to a family of 4 incredibly smooth and relaxing. It is that experience that I wish to support for new and experienced mothers. A smooth beginning can make all the difference!
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.